Street of Fear 4: Trilogy Can Gain Sequel on Netflix?


Can we expect a Street of Fearon Netflix? If it depends on the books by RL Stine, on which the movie series is based—Fear Street—yes. The original series has more than 50 books and has many macabre stories. With the new wave of interest in the slasher genre, the production of a sequel is likely to happen. The last horror movie in the series, Street of Fear part 3 – 1966, was released on the streaming platform today, July 16th.

Plot of the Street of Fear Medo trilogy

The story of Netflix movies takes place in the small town of Shadyside, where violent murders are so common that it has been nicknamed “the murder capital of the USA.” The first film, Street of Fear Part 1: 1994, follows local teenager Deena, her brother Josh and their friends, who realize that a 350-year-old curse is behind all of the city’s deaths.

In the two subsequent films, Street of Fearand Street of Fear the city’s history is explored as the main characters unravel the mystery of the curse. The third film has an open ending, which also leaves open the possibility of a sequel to the franchise.

Rua do Medo 4: Will Netflix make a new movie?

Chernin Entertainment, the company that produced the films for the horror franchise, signed an initial multi-year contract with Netflix in April 2020. That’s what is known so far about a possible Street of Fear.

No official statement has been released confirming or denying the development of a fourth film. But most memorable slasher franchises have more than 3 sequels. Panic, for example, has four movies and a TV series — plus a fifth movie currently in development.

As the website Cinemaholic recalled, the future of any franchise depends on the audience. And all three films from Street of Fear did well in front of streaming subscribers. The American site is betting that, if Street of Fear is announced in the coming months, it should be launched in late 2022 or early 2023.

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