Street of Fear 1994: What song does Ruby sing, killing people


Warning: Contains SPOILERS for “Fear Street, Part One: 1994”.

That’s the song RubyLane sings, killing people in “Fear Street, Part One: 1994”. In “Fear Street: 1994” there are many slasher villains playing various horror genres, and they are all controlled by the witch Sarah Fier. The killer in the skull mask of Ryan Torres, the axe-wielding villain behind the Nightwing Camp massacre, and Ruby Lane, who carries a razor blade with her to kill her victims. Many others have been mentioned since 1666, but these are the three who serve Sarah Fear in the first film.

Presumably, every killer possessed by Sarah Fear in the three parts of “Fear Street” has a unique backstory, and the story of Ruby Lane is largely revealed in the second part of “Fear Street: 1978” thanks to her mother, nurse Mary Lane. Ruby was a sweet girl (who even sang in the choir, which is appropriate), but was chosen by the villainous Goode family from Fear Street as a sacrifice to the devil in 1965, and as a result she killed seven of her friends, her boyfriend and herself. with a razor blade. Since then, she has been on call for Sarah Fear as a serial killer, tracking down new victims in each subsequent generation. She first appears in “Street of Fear: 1994”, as well as in “Street of Fear: 1978”.

Each of the killers who are called in the films “Fear Street” are quite different, thanks to their appearance or weapons, and Ruby Lane (played by Jordin DiNatale) is no exception. Her most notable feature, apart from the razor, is the fact that Ruby sings a song killing people. It really sets her apart from the crowd of serial killers.

Fear Street: Explanation of Ruby Lane’s Lyrics

The song in “Fear Street: 1994” that Ruby sings while killing is “You Always Hurt The One You Love”, which was originally performed by the Mills Brothers in 1944 with several covers over the years. It’s a poignant song that talks about the nature of love and unintentionally hurts those who want to cause the least pain, and its lyrics include: “You always hurt the one you love, the one who shouldn’t be hurt at all / Always take the sweetest rose and crush it until the petals fall off / You always break the kindest heart with a hasty word that you can’t remember / So if I broke your heart last night, it’s because I love you more than anything in the world. / And you always break the kindest heart of the heart…”

The song clearly suits Ruby Lane’s character, although in context it becomes incredibly frightening. Ruby killed the people she loved—her boyfriend and friends—while under the curse of Sarah Fire. This makes her actions in the past even more destructive, and in the present turns her into a more sinister villain than others. There’s something particularly haunting about the character’s singing, which serves as both a siren song to help lure Simon in, and a terrifying warning when she’s stalking her prey. She attracts Simon because he’s infatuated with her, so it makes even more sense that her song was about someone you love.

Since Ruby serves a witch, it’s likely that Sarah Fire orders her to sing a song that shows how perverted she is. Ruby Lane’s backstory is somewhat expanded in other films of the “Fear Street” trilogy, especially in “Fear Street, Part Two: 1978”, as her mother Mary tries to find out what happened to her daughter. Fear Street, Part Three: 1666, then tells more about the origin story of Sarah Fear.

Will “Fear Street” be filmed in the fourth part?

The “Street of Fear” trilogy became a hit on Netflix in 2021, which raised the question of whether new films or other side projects could be in development. Of course, since Ruby Lane and every other killer obsessed with the curse over the years has a separate story, the possibilities for the future of Fear Street are almost limitless. At the moment, Netflix has not given the green light and has not announced the release date of “Streets of Fear, part Four”, but this does not mean that this will not happen in the end. Lee Janiak, the writer and director of the franchise, stated that “Fear Street” could become as big as the MCU if it were given a chance, which makes sense considering how many different killers and slashers “Fear Street, Part One: 1994” sets.