Street of Fear: 1666 – All About The Film From The Netflix Trilogy (Spoilers)


Street of Fear: This Friday (16), Netflix released the last movie of the trilogy Street of Fear (Fear Street, in the original), entitled Street of Fear: 1666. Throughout the production, viewers know a little more about the curse than Sarah Fier would have released over Shadyside in 1666 — something that would drastically impact the lives of many residents centuries later.

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Street of Fear: 1666 – shocking scenes catch the attention of the Netflix audience

Consisting of much more than the simple sum of the two previous films, the conclusion of the trilogy is an ambitious project, which shows the strength of Leigh Janiak in the artistic command of the streaming production.

When traveling to the past, the filmmaker focuses on providing valuable details for the understanding of certain events presented above, showing a rich dramatic construction about the religiosity of colonial America.

In this sense, what is seen on screen is a veritable blend of terrifying nuances regarding the infamous Shadyside witch. Connecting directly to the plot of the second film, Deena Johnson (Kiana Madeira), in the 1990s, is transported to the past, living in Sarah’s body, mainly due to the severed hand of the witch that was joined to her remains.

In this way, the character ends up feeling all the consequences of being who she is, interacting with familiar faces during the previous features. This feature is quite interesting to familiarize viewers with the narrative, making everything seem calm and simple, when there are many scenes of violence and tension ahead.

As events unfold, the feeling that seems to fill the screen is that the curse wants to make stories repeat over time. And that’s exactly what the film does, showing how fate can be cruel, even if attempts are made to try to reverse certain issues. Despite this brutal load, the production manages to be quite engaging and fun at various times.

The initial sequence also manages to be impactful and make connections with the rest of the work. In the scene in question, there are very graphic elements, such as a bloody knife and a sow that is giving birth to her young. The rawness with which the characters face the first adversity in sight is something very well orchestrated, bringing powerful points of view to the audience.

And all of this makes for a truly frightening atmosphere, despite some anachronistic inconsistencies that fill certain passages. Sarah and Hannah’s (Olivia Scott Welch) relationship is explored at various times, especially when the rumor spreads that they are a couple. As Hannah is the daughter of a pastor, he soon forbids her to interact with her supposed friend.

With that, the city revolts against Sarah, mainly for her controversial way. It is from this point that the specific nuances about her curse are brought to the fore, strikingly illustrating how it all happened. Strange and curious facts haunt the residents, who can see no other reason than Sarah’s witchcraft.

The tense atmosphere continues to satisfy viewers until it culminates in what everyone knew from the start would happen. Even so, the presentation of the plot is quite curious as it progresses, and the latent anxiety helps to convey extreme feelings to the audience.

This is perhaps the production’s greatest asset, concluding the saga presented weeks ago in a manner consistent with its initial propositions.

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