Street Fighter’s Future Will Be Revealed In 2022, Capcom Says


Street Fighter: With a Street Fighter V approaching its sixth anniversary, the Japanese company is already thinking ahead. Luke will play a big role in the equation. Capcom will announce the future of Street Fighter in 2022. The Japanese company, in the voice of Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto, director of the series and producer, respectively, have confirmed on the occasion of the autumn update of Street Fighter V that this fifth episode is nearing its end, which inevitably suggests an eventual Street Fighter VI.

The story of Street Fighter V is one of redemption. The title, published in February 2016 – almost six years ago – began far from satisfying the demands of those millions of players dazzled by an already historic Street Fighter IV, which laid the foundations for modern online fighting games. Not surprisingly, the title already exceeds 6 million copies and has corrected many of the problems initially reported; among them, the content.

Luke will be instrumental in the future of Street Fighter

“For us, Street Fighter V has been a project with ups and downs, but thanks to our fans we have been able to achieve what we set out to do,” acknowledges Nakayama. “We, the development team, will use this experience as a stepping stone to the next project!” He asserts, again, referring to the next iteration of the series. It will not be until 2022 when that project is announced.

Matsumoto expands on the assumption that Street Fighter V’s content coverage has come to an end, but qualifies it more as “see you soon” than just “goodbye.”

“While this is the end of this Street Fighter V digital display series, this is more of ‘see you soon’ than ‘goodbye.’ “We hope to be able to offer you more information next year,” they conclude in the statement, published early this Wednesday.

Not surprisingly, the character of Luke will be very important for the future of the series. He has not transcended in what way; but he presumably he will be a fundamental pillar at the plot level in the work.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 8 Village is a commercial success with more than 5 million units sold since its premiere; While Monster Hunter Rise, the other title published by the Japanese firm this 2021, reached 7.5 million units sold weeks ago. Capcom is experiencing one of its best moments on a commercial level.