Street Fighter V will have a two-week free trial period


Next Wednesday the 5th this free trial full of content begins, in addition to which we can learn more about the future of Street Fighter V.

Yesterday was hectic in terms of news around fighting games, with more than interesting news for games like Tekken 7 or Soul Calibur VI, but there was still a very important news about Street Fighter V Champion Edition. Thus, in a digital event held yesterday with the name of Japan Fighting Game Publisher’s Roundtable we could know that the Capcom title will have a free game trial of no less than two weeks, and that it will have all the characters available so far, that is to say , no less than 40.

This free trial will start from next Wednesday, August 5, when a stream will also take place announcing news in the future of Street Fighter V Champion Edition. This broadcast will take place at 7:00 p.m., and in addition to leaving details on Season 5 and the summer update, it is expected that a new batch of characters and news related to esports will be discovered.

Street Fighter V, in good health despite everything

Capcom is expected to hold some sort of grand competition in view of the cancellation of the EVO 2020, first in person due to the coronavirus crisis, later on serious accusations of harassment of its president. However, it is necessary to improve the recurring netcode problems that the game has practically since its launch, and that have caused even professional players to abandon the Capcom Pro Tour.

Although Street Fighter V has not been without this and more problems during all its years in the market, Capcom has been far from abandoning it to its fate, providing it with a lot of content in the form of new characters and modes, and working to improve other issues such as the mentioned netcode and matchmaking.


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