Street Fighter V Welcomes Oro, Akira and New Character


Street Fighter V: In a program aired last Tuesday (3), three more names were announced for the group of characters from Street Fighter V: Luke, an unprecedented fighter scheduled to arrive in November this year, Oro and Akira, these two being expected in August .

According to the information released, Luke is a fighter specializing in moving fast and hitting hard, and more details about his story will be released sometime before his release. Oro, on the other hand, is an old acquaintance of fans of the series for having integrated the list of characters from Street Fighter III, while Akira comes directly from the Rival Schools series – still associated with this series, we will also have a new stage in the latest Street Fighter game, Rival Riverside.

All these new features are part of the Season 5 Character Pass or Premium Pass, and with the exception of Luke, the rest arrives in the game on the 16th of this month. Additional characters can also be purchased separately for the suggested price of R$31.90 (PlayStation Store), R$17.99 (Steam) or 100,000 Fight Money each, and additional new stages can be purchased for the suggested price of R $21.50 (PlayStation Store), $11.99 (Steam) or 70,000 Fight Money each.


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