Street Fighter V – Season 5: Eleven, new V-Shift mechanics

Capcom presents the news of the Winter Update of its fighting video game, which also presents the so-called Premium Pass for 39.99 euros.

Capcom has announced all the news of Season 5 of Street Fighter V. The video game, which faces a free trial period this February on PlayStation 4, adds the Winter Update to its list of content, which brings with it a new character for the Character Pass, a new V-Shift defense mechanic and new Dan Hibiki and Rose details. Also, those of Osaka have presented the Premium Pass. Let’s know all the details.

Street Fighter V season 5: all information confirmed

The video, which you can see attached to this news, is almost half an hour long. Capcom has broken down in detail every aspect of the long-awaited Winter Update of the title, whose Season 5 begins this February 22. It will be on that date when players of the game – available on PS4 and PC – can update for free to welcome the new V-System mechanic: V-Shift.

We are facing a defensive mechanic that allows us to overcome situations that can lead to a K.O. This V-Shift move can be used in any situation, but it consumes a considerable amount of energy from the V-Gauge bar. In addition, if we use it at the right time, it will give us the option to continue it with a backdash capable of slowing down time, unstoppable, with which to make several attacks in a row.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the return of Dan Hibiki (Saikyo’s teacher) and Rose, who are part of the Character Pass. Finally, Eleven, a new fighter that will also arrive this February 22 as a bonus character for those who buy the Character Pass V. It is a prototype of Twelve (Street Fighter III) with the ability to transform into any Street Fighter V fighter , which supposes an unpredictable character to their confrontation.

Earlier we mentioned the Premium Pass, which is still a season pass with all the additional fighters from Character Pass V plus a multitude of cosmetic outfits. Its price will be 39.99 euros (via Steam).

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available for PS4 and PC with all the contents of the first four seasons. You can read our analysis here.



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