Street Fighter II: E. Honda’s landscape changes


As noted by fans, the E.Honda scenario presented in Street Fighter II, an integral part of the recently released Nintendo Switch collection Capcom Arcade Stadium, has undergone a modification after controversies with Asian countries, resulting in the removal of the rising sun flag.

Capcom’s decision had already been made in Street Fighter V, when the scenario was presented without the flag in its background. Now, Street Fighter II also receives the same treatment, in order to avoid negative discussions and a bad repercussion of the company and the game in Asian territory, since the rising sun was a symbol linked to Japanese Imperialism during World War II.

The flag was responsible for some controversial events in Asia, highlighting the digital removal of drummer Roger Meddows Taylor’s clothes in the film Bohemian Rhapsody and the launch of a package of items in PUBG that highlighted an image similar to the rising sun. Following the opposite of these examples, Capcom hopes to move away from new controversies and get closer to the eastern public.

Capcom Arcade Stadium is available for Nintendo Switch.


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