Street Fighter 6’s “Modern” Control Mode Could Revolutionize FGC


Capcom has quite a long list of new games coming out over the next 12 months, but they seem to be particularly excited about Street Fighter 6. Since its announcement in February, Capcom has been desperate to show Street Fighter 6 almost wherever possible. Appearing for the first time at Sony’s State of Play event in June, Capcom showcased the game’s new adventure mode and some returning characters. Just a few days later, Street Fighter 6 reappeared, this time at the Summer Games Fest, where more fan-favorite characters were shown, and fans had a better look at the gameplay.

After a bit of disclosure and the fact that Street Fighter 5 didn’t quite hit the mark, it seems that Capcom is really trying to promote Street Fighter 6 as a true next-generation fighting game, and its new control schemes are a perfect example of this. At launch, players will be able to choose one of two control schemes: “Classic”, which will be instantly recognizable by fans of the fighting franchise, or “Modern”, which can revolutionize the fighting game community.

How a New “modern” Control Scheme Can Change the Fighting Game Community

Immediately after the Sony State of Play demonstration, Capcom introduced new Street Fighter 6 control schemes on the PlayStation blog and on its official website. While in the classic scheme, players will enter combos just as they have done for years by moving the stick in a certain sequence of movements while pressing a combination of buttons, the modern scheme allows players to simply press a button and press the stick. in one direction to perform a special movement.

The Street Fighter franchise may be one of the largest fighting game series in the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most accessible. This new state-of-the-art control scheme is designed to solve this problem in one simple move, giving new players the opportunity to perform some of the most spectacular combos in the game with absolute ease. Street Fighter used to be the most affordable fighting game franchise simply because it was one of the few, but it’s not the 1980s anymore, and modern releases like Mortal Kombat 11 have shown that fighting games don’t need intricate controls. schemes to remain attractive and competitive.

Although this new control scheme greatly simplifies the combo process by reducing the number of button presses to two, this change will not eliminate the skill element in Street Fighter 6. Just because beginners will be able to launch special moves does not mean that this strike will hit the target. The Street Fighter series has never been about who can actually perform special techniques, but rather how they are used. Movement time is crucial to the competitive Street Fighter scene, and this modern control scheme does not mean that players will automatically know when they should calculate their movements.

At the same time, the new Modern control scheme is undoubtedly useful for the Street Fighter franchise. After the disappointing release of Street Fighter 5, Capcom needs to make sure Street Fighter 6 appears in as many homes as possible, and making the game more accessible can’t be a bad thing, especially when the classic control scheme still exists for veterans. All this new management scheme can do is attract new fans to the franchise and potentially attract more fans to the fighting game community as a whole, which is always a good thing.

Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.