Street Fighter 6 Reveals the Theme music for Yuri and Kimberly


Street Fighter 6 becomes one of the most anticipated Capcom games in 2023, the game takes on a bold and creative direction. The visual effects and style of the game are noticeably different from the previous installments, such as Street Fighter 4 and 5. Due to the fact that the direction of the game takes on a more urban and down-to-earth appearance, it creates a unifying theme of an urban street fighter. This is emphasized by the music of Street Fighter 6, which was influenced by hip-hop culture, as in Street Fighter 3.

Some of these new tunes have already been revealed, showcasing themes for veteran fighters Ryu and Chun-Li that have a different feel for them compared to their music in previous recordings. Even the Gayle theme in Street Fighter 6 is very different from the memetic performance from Street Fighter 2. Capcom recently showed more music from the game that will be played for two more members of the game list, recently introduced by Kimberly and Yuri.

For the newcomer of Street Fighter 6, Kimberly, her theme is a mix of techno and hip-hop with the addition of a small amount of chiptune, reflecting her love for the 80s. The official Street Fighter 6 account describes it as a modern take on ninja, which is reflected in the title of her theme; Ninjastar Pop. Astute fans of the character know that she is a student of Guy from Final Fight, and many fans note that her theme pays homage to the theme of the first stage.

Since Street Fighter 6 revealed that Yuri and Kimberly are together, Capcom also gave fans a glimpse of the returning femme fatale’s theme music. This theme is known as ArachniD**, which contains the same elements of hip hop and techno, but has a much more sinister connotation due to its femme fatale character. The official account of Street Fighter 6 describes this as a feeling of fear, very similar to a spider that has caught its victim in a tempting web. Given all the spider images that Yuri is usually associated with, as well as her sadistic personality, this description seems to fit her well.

Many fans liked these new themes because of the appearance of both characters in Street Fighter 6. Some praised Yuri’s theme for its sharpness, while praise was noted for the use of the kiss sound at the end of Yuri’s track, which creates an image of her also being handed out the “kiss of death”. Fans who liked Kimberly’s theme liked the direction in which she developed, keeping her modern and paying homage to Final Fight.

The release of Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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