Street Fighter 6 Reveals Its Full Launch List


Street Fighter 6 has presented its full starting list of 18 people.

The full list includes a mix of new and old characters:

RyuKenZangiefDhalsimE. Hondablankaguilechun-LiKammyJuriLukeDee JayKimberlyJamieManonMarisaLilyJP


Of course, this list does not include a fighter that you created yourself in World Tour mode. Character customization will include a huge number of options and will force you to travel through the Metro City of the game, fight with the main characters and learn their basic actions when you defeat them.

Street Fighter 6 will be closed beta testing from October 7 to October 10 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC via Steam. You can register on the official Street Fighter 6 website. This week we got to know the game, stating that it “made me feel charged with the complex systems they created for this new iteration, completely overwhelmed by its beautiful presentation and eager to play more.”

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