Street Fighter 6 reveals 4 more members of the list


As part of Capcom’s announcement of the Tokyo Game Show 2022 convention, four returning characters were announced for the Street Fighter 6 roster. Since Street Fighter 6 was announced in February, Capcom has especially refrained from announcing new characters. However, the number of Street Fighter 6 characters is about to jump as Capcom reveals four more characters in one unexpected TGS 2022 trailer.

The trailer released by Capcom for TGS 2022 is substantial to say the least. His focus is not even on revealing the characters, no matter how exciting they may be. The trailer is based on three new features: Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub game modes. Fighting Ground is a traditional Street Fighter game that includes all the modes included in Street Fighter 5. World Tour is a completely new single player mode with its own character, and Battle Hub takes players online, where Street Fighter 6 players can meet, chat, and fight with each other.

It is fitting that with the introduction of the world tour, some new Street Fighter 6 characters from around the world will be introduced. The list of four new additions to the register includes Ken, Blanca, Dhalsim and E. Honda from the USA, Brazil, India and Japan, respectively. These are four classic Street Fighter characters: Blanca, Dhalsim and E. Honda, introduced in Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior, and Ken, who appeared in the very first Street Fighter game.

As you would expect from the new Street Fighter game, all four new additions to the list have received a complete visual redesign, corresponding to their individual character arcs and knowledge. Ken Masters was framed and is on the run, Blanca is a jungle adventure guide, Dhalsim remains a monk and yoga master with a penchant for justice, and E. Honda is a world-traveling sumo wrestler and an experienced cook.

Ken, Blanca, Dhalsim and E. Honda will increase the total number of Street Fighter 5 characters currently represented to 11. The other seven characters on the list are Ryu, Luke, Jamie, Chun-Lee, Gail, Kimberly and Yuri. Although the full size of the list has not been officially confirmed, judging by the leaks, there should be about 23 characters in it, 14 of which have returned from past Street Fighter games. There are 5 returning characters that have not yet been revealed, and 7 brand new characters.

As for the additions on the list, these are 4 safe and exciting Street Fighter characters that need to be brought back. Blanca, Dhalsim and E. Honda have their own unique and favorite fighting styles, and Ken is Ryu’s key rival in shotokan, and it’s hard to imagine a Street Fighter game without him. The mass release of new Street Fighter 6 characters is also a great choice for Capcom, and we hope there will be more coming in the run-up to the launch.

Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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