Street Fighter 6 May Be Revealed In 2022, Indicate Devs


Street Fighter 6: Capcom published yesterday, November 23, a post on its official blog talking about Luke, the last additional character for Street Fighter V. Speaking of the update and the fighter, the game developers also made it clear that the next game from franchise – perhaps Street Fighter 6 – will be revealed as early as next year, 2022.

At the beginning of the video talking about the update, Shuhei Matsumoto, the series’ producer, comments that “Luke is an important character who will appear in the next Street Fighter project, so we hope you’ll try to use him when he comes out on Street Fighter V! ”

In addition to mentioning an “upcoming project” for Street Fighter, game execs have also hinted that we might have news about it next year. Matsumoto comments at another time: “While this is the end of this video series for Street Fighter V, this is more ‘see you soon’ than ‘goodbye’. We look forward to providing more information next year!”

The announcement that Luke is confirmed as a character in the next project is a great indication that the game’s development is in full swing. Takayuki Nakayama, director of Street Fighter V, also commented on the matter: “For us, Street Fighter V was a project with ups and downs, but thanks to our fans we managed to achieve what we wanted. use that experience as a boost to move us to the next project!”