Street Fighter 6 features unique character animations for a perfect ending


Capcom is not trying to reinvent the wheel in its upcoming Street Fighter 6 fighting game. But it is trying to improve and expand the Street Fighter experience in interesting, step-by-step ways. Several new features have already been confirmed that help Street Fighter 6 characters stand out during the game in unique ways. Another such feature was discovered during Japan Expo 2022. Each Street Fighter 6 character will have a unique celebration animation after completing a perfect round.

Completing the perfect round in Street Fighter has always been something worth celebrating. But this never happened in the game, except for the “Perfect” message displayed on the screen, or the marker indicated in the player’s won rounds. In Street Fighter 6, this will change. Street Fighter 6 characters will have their own unique character animations that are played after they complete a perfect round. The animation, of course, will match the character of the character and will be appropriately festive.

The discovery was shared by Matthew Edwards, brand manager of Capcom Europe. Edwards shared voiceover footage of Street Fighter 6 from demo stations at Japan Expo 2022, where Capcom presents the upcoming fighting game. He says he saw the player win a flawless victory, and saw his character, Luke, doing a new animation. So he asked them to do it again so he could write it down. Edwards then shared it online via Twitter so that Street Fighter players could see the new feature.

Luke’s animation shows him performing a short dance after a perfect victory. Edwards says this is appropriate as “Luke is definitely from the TikTok generation.” Comments on the post cheerfully indicate that the animation of the Hatch is quite bizarre. His model is made for fighting, so when she does something else, like dancing, his proportions are very different, and it looks very strange.

If Luke dances a little after a perfect victory, the question arises what the other characters will do when they have a perfect victory. For Capcom, this is a great opportunity to offer a simple look at the personality of each character, as well as reward players for doing something cool.

With any luck, further Perfect animations will be presented at Japan Expo 2022 or at one of the other upcoming events that Capcom plans to attend, such as SDCC 2022 or EVO 2022. There are still only four characters in the demo, so only Ryu, Jamie, and Chun-Li’s animation can be revealed. Any of them will most likely be warmly welcomed by Street Fighter fans.

Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.