Street Fighter 6 Confirms that Kimberly and Yuri are included in the list


Although there are a few months to a year left before the release of Street Fighter 6, developer Capcom has intrigued fans with the new game, gradually revealing which characters will appear in the game. At the moment, it has been announced that both new and returning characters from the Street Fighter series will join the lists of the game, and usually one or two characters are revealed at the same time. The latest trailer for Street Fighter 6 showcased the style of play of one new face joining the battle and confirmed the return of the popular character.

At the moment, Street Fighter 6 trailers have revealed two new characters: Jamie, a fighter who combines kung fu and breakdancing styles, and Kimberly, a ninja who uses drawing and graffiti in her fights. Luke returns to the game, an MMA fighter who was first added in the latest wave of DLC for Street Fighter 5 along with the main players of the series Ryu, Chun-Li and Gail. The full size of the game’s roster is unknown, and potentially many more characters could be revealed before its release.

The trailer, which debuted on August 8, showed Kimberly’s gameplay in more detail. Kimberly is a fast and agile character—perhaps even as fast as some of the show’s fastest characters—who excels at running and attacking from the air. Her interest in becoming a ninja led her to study with Guy, a Final Fight character who later appeared in the TV series Street Fighter. Kimberly uses the Bushinryu technique that Guy passed on, but has added her own urban style to the moves and attacks. It is also shown that she can use aerosol cans as bombs and disguise herself with multicolored smoke.

Returning to Street Fighter 6 and appearing in the trailer with Kimberly, Yuri Han, a fighter who first debuted in Super Street Fighter 4. Yuri, a master of taekwondo, has a sadistic nature and likes to hurt the opponents he fights. Juri is a character who fights solely for thrills, and is often portrayed as evil and hostile in Street Fighter games, although, like Chun-Li, she is up against the villainous M. Bison. Her fighting style in Street Fighter 6 is similar to previous appearances, fast and restless, with an emphasis on punch-based attacks, including her signature chopper punch.

The appearance of Kimberly and Yuri in Street Fighter 6 was previously rumored due to messages made by Capcom’s account on the social network. Other characters currently rumored to be returning but yet to be confirmed include former killer Cammy, sumo wrestler E. Honda, and series mainstay Ken. Rumor has it that along with the already confirmed Kimberly and Jamie, several other new characters will appear. These include an elderly man named JP and a robotic or possibly alien A.K.I. Currently, it is predicted that the full list of games will contain from 20 to 30 characters and include returning characters from various games in the series.

The release of Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


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