Streaming Player Roku TV Express vale a pena?


Having a smart TV makes life much easier for those who like to consume content via streaming and watch videos on YouTube, in addition to having access to regular TV channels. However, many people still have traditional TVs, with no internet access, making it impossible to access all of these contents.

It is at these times that devices with access to operating systems, such as Android TV, can be quite useful. And a device that has become quite popular here is the Roku TV Express.

If you are considering upgrading your television, you may be interested in the versatility of this option. So, take the opportunity to know what it has to offer and turn your TV into smart.


Normally, those who have never used a smart TV, may experience some difficulty with the interface of operating systems. Some are not very intuitive and being able to access Netflix or install Spotify can take some time. In Roku express this does not happen. Everything is very simple and the interface is very friendly.

When you turn it on, Roku will already show the installed services. You can browse the available streams or search for specific content on the home screen. That way, if you don’t remember where the movie you want to watch is available, there is no need to search each platform. Just do the search and play directly from the home menu.

The device control has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Globoplay, HBO Go and Google Play. So just press a button and go straight to your favorite content. And it is worth remembering that, unlike Chromecast, Roku does not depend on other devices to mirror the content on the TV.


Another advantage is the configuration of the device, which requires no more than three steps to complete. Just connect it to your TV, connect to the Wi-Fi network and create a Roku account to release the device. That done, you already have access to all the content, you can install or remove the applications you prefer and enjoy everything with Full HD quality.

It also has other settings of the system itself, such as customization of the home screen, choice of language and subtitles, Wi-Fi configuration, credit card registration to be able to buy or rent movies online, in addition to other specific Roku items, which can be accessed from the home screen.


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