Streamer Pokimane Took A Hit On YouTube and Lost $24,000


Pokimane: One of Twitch’s most famous streamers, Imane “Pokimane” Anys revealed live yesterday (24) that he fell for a scam and lost $24,000.

Like most of the most famous content creators on the platform, the streamer is not just dedicated to Twitch, having a presence on various social networks, on TikTok, in addition to, of course, having a channel on YouTube. And it was precisely on the Google video platform that the girl ended up losing.

During the livestream, Pokimane explained that she was looking for a pro to help her manage her YouTube channel for $8,000 a month. She said that she ended up hiring someone who, for three months, received payments and did not deliver the expected results.


At one point in the live broadcast, Imane said it took her some time to realize she was being deceived. “He was good at writing all those excuses,” the streamer said, further detailing that in the first month the “manager” sent her documents that made it look like a lot of work had been done. In fact, she paid him $8,000 and received a return valued at only about $200.

According to the content creator, in the second month the employee disappeared for a week. “He said a relative was sick, and I had to believe it,” said Imane. According to her, “there was no way to prove that he was really lying”.

Ultimately, after three months of stalling and a $24,000 loss, Pokimane confronted the channel manager. He would have tried to make more excuses, but the streamer ended up firing the boy.