Streamer , Accused of Having Sex During The Stream, Still Not Banned


Kick-streamer Suspendas is still not banned, despite the fact that he was naked on the air and allegedly paid for sex in two different broadcasts.

Twitch’s latest competitor, Kick, has had a rough start since launch, despite boasting a 95:5 revenue distribution, making it the most profitable option for streamers.

Unlike Twitch, Kick allows you to use slots — a site owned by Amazon was recently banned after a negative reaction from the community. And as it turns out, a lot more content seems to fit, given some recent reports.

According to Jake Lucky from Full Squad Gaming, the Suspenders streamer managed to avoid being banned, despite a series of broadcasts with sexually explicit content.

Kick-streamer accused of paying for live sex

On Twitter, Lucky posted a screenshot of the Suspendas broadcast on December 27, where he appeared completely naked.

“The Kick streamer, known as Suspendas, was again accused of having sex with an alleged prostitute on live TV,” he said. “Today he showed himself completely naked on the stream. He remains uninhabited.”

This isn’t the first time Lucky has commented on a streamer’s sexual activities on the platform. Earlier in December, he said that one of his first contacts with Kick was a streamer who “actively engaged in sexual relations with an alleged prostitute on the air.”

Like Twitch, the Kick Community Guidelines prohibit content that “contains nudity, is pornographic, or depicts sexual activity, actual or simulated” or “promotes, encourages, suggests, or incites sexual behavior.”

It is noteworthy that earlier this year, a Twitch streamer was banned after she was caught having drunk sex on a stream, but her suspension was lifted just a week later.

We will have to wait and see what the future holds for Kick, and whether his team of moderators will more strictly monitor compliance with the principles of the community.


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