Streamer denounces scams and fake news about coronavirus on Twitch

The coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) is being used by criminals to deliver scams and spread fake news on the Internet. To report the cases, American streamer Kitboga began to unmask live fraud on its channels on Twitch TV and YouTube. In lives, the influencer looks for fake services that promise a cure for the coronavirus and helps the public not to fall for the scams. Last Tuesday (24), one of his live videos reached 11 thousand viewers.

In one of his most recent broadcasts, Kitboga used a voice modulator and impersonated a woman named Barbara Kendal. His strategy was to show interest in a supposed essential oil that would be the cure for Covid-19, and to say that he would like to order an order for a clinic in the state of Arizona, in the United States. The scammer, who had a female voice and identified herself as Anne, began to answer Kitboga’s questions promptly.

While it brings entertainment and good humor to its viewers, Kitboga takes the opportunity to explain about the risks of these scams, which involve false cures for coronavirus and other frauds, and most of the time they seek to extort the victims. It also alerts about fake news.

How to avoid scams and fake news during the Covid-19 pandemic
Scams and fake news are recurring today, and it is no different during the Covid-19 pandemic. But some important steps can be taken to avoid falling victim to fraud and sharing wrong information about such a serious matter.

For example, when receiving news via the Internet and social networks, it is important to confirm the veracity of the text. Some quick actions, like checking the domain link, doing a brief Google search and checking the security seal of the site you are sharing are important measures.

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