Streamer Dan Gosling beat Malena from Elden Ring after 3,000 attempts


Twitch streamer Dan Giesling infuriated his viewers when he defeated Elden Ring boss Malenia at the 3,000th attempt. Dan’s attempts to fight the late boss of the Elden Ring were broadcast on Twitch to tens of thousands of viewers, and Dan and his fans never lost hope that he would finally cope.

Dan Giesling first attracted public attention as a participant in the popular reality show “Big Brother”, where he competed with 12 other houseguests to become the last person living in the Big Brother house. In 2008, he became the winner of Big Brother 10, and was also recognized as “the most enjoyable winner in the history of the show.” He will return to Big Brother again in 2012 as a guest coach before becoming a YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer.

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After 2,999 deaths in 32 days and more than a hundred hours of perseverance, Dan Giesling finally defeated Malenia during his Twitch stream. One of the reasons that the fight required so many attempts before Dan was successful is the numerous restrictions that Dan imposed on himself during the fight. His character doesn’t have Energy Points, a characteristic that gives health points. This means that a single mistake can lead to instant death in a battle in which even exceptional players can have difficulty. Dan also doesn’t block, parry, summon, or cast spells during combat, all of which are extremely useful abilities when dealing with a challenging Elden Ring boss like Malenia.

Dan’s broadcast mainly focused on his journey through the brutal open world of the Elden Ring, broadcasting his progress as he fights various bosses such as the Fire Giant and his more than 100 attempts to defeat Morgott, the King of Omens. His extremely complex “no energy, no block, no magic” style of play has attracted a significant number of fans as he pushes the boundaries of his character’s core abilities, in many cases gritting his teeth in hundreds of failed attempts. However, since he has finally defeated Malenia, Dan is preparing for the final trials of the Elden Ring.

Dan’s 3,000 attempts against Malenia are also reminiscent of the legendary player known as Let Me Solo Her, who reportedly single-handedly defeated Malenia more than 2,000 times on behalf of players in need of help. One of the most fascinating aspects of the notoriously difficult encounters with FromSoft bosses are the stories of players who approach this case in an interesting way.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.