Stream Amazon Music HD with Over 60 Million Songs


Amazon Music HD is a streaming music service that has more than 60 million songs in HD, Ultra HD, and 3D audio.

This Friday, the leading online sales company Amazon Music announced the launch of Amazon Music HD, a new high-quality subscription modality to its streaming music service, with more than 60 million songs in HD, several million songs in Ultra HD high quality streaming audio on the market and an ever-expanding catalog of 3D audio files.

According to the information provided, the price is 14.99 euros per month, or an additional fee of 5 euros per month for Amazon Music Unlimited customers. If you sign up for Amazon Music for the first time you will have access to a free 90-day trial – also if you are already subscribed to Amazon Music, however, this will be for a limited time.

Amazon arrives with a new offer

It was also announced that the Amazon Music HD platform can now be streamed in Spain, France, Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Austria and Japan. Similarly Steve Boom, vice president of Amazon Music confirmed that they will soon be number 1 on the world’s music platforms.

According to the content within Amazon Music HD, you can find legendary records that become new and revealing experiences, “since they almost make the listener feel that he is physically in those historic recording studios,” they say from Amazon Music.

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Amazon Music HD offers customers more than 60 million songs in HD in original quality without sound loss, with a depth of 16 bits and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz – equivalent to the sound quality offered by a CD . In addition, it is compatible with a wide variety of devices. Among them, desktop computers and mobile phones both iOS and Android.


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