StrayKids and Horoscope: Lion Changbin


Stray Kids, as a k-pop group in the 4th generation, are well known in the industry, and they also emit a certain atmosphere, and sometimes their behavior makes YOU laugh out loud, they are so funny and innocent. .

And sometimes certain actions of the participants are a reflection of their zodiac signs. So, what zodiac signs do Stray Kids participants have and how do they affect their personality?

Today we will focus on Changbin’s profile.

Birth and sign

Changbin was born on August 11, 1999, which makes him a Lion.


The natives of Lion are natural leaders, they are very creative, generous, warm—hearted, cheerful and full of humor. It is almost impossible to resist them, after all, they are the kings of the zodiac.

Above all, they value loyalty, which makes them the most faithful sign of the zodiac, both in friendship and in love. It’s not that Lions don’t like to share personal things, but that they hate talking about negative emotions. That’s why they are often mistaken for secrets.

As a Lion, Changbin tends to inspire people, make them laugh, feel love, and feel like they are worth a million dollars. This energy is powerful and so passionate, he loves to bring joy and raise people’s energy, he is so playful and energetic that people can’t help but feel better when they are next to him.

They like to live life to the fullest, but at the same time they need company. They are also fearless, they believe in themselves and follow their heart like no other, that’s why they are so strong, they are always in harmony with their values, their truth.

Love, life and compatibility

In love, Lion men will do everything to show how valiant, confident and strong they are. It can be overwhelming, but it’s because of their need to seduce, not because of their insecurities.

Lion men are the definition of a Prince Charming; they are passionate, loyal and very romantic, and also love to be treated like members of the royal family. One important thing about Lion-born is that while they may seem superficial, they are not at all. They prefer a partner who shares their deep personal values, rather than a bright partner.

In love, they need someone who loves them and respects them for who they really are. They hate being taken for granted and ignored. Loyalty is very important to them. They love to give and receive. They love compliments, especially from those they like. They can also be very romantic, they like to surprise their partners.

Signs compatible with Lion are Gemini, Libra (Bang Chan), Sagittarius and Aries. People born under the sign of Leo are more likely to have romantic relationships with fire signs, especially with Aries and Sagittarius.

Life and career

Lions are known for their ambition and determination. They also have remarkable courage, fearless optimists and refuse to put up with failures. This allows them to find the courage to continue growing.

Changbin, who is part of 3RACHA and is known as a versatile idol, showed how determination made him who he is now.

Changbin, like Lion, is idealistic and hardworking. He will work to change the world and strive to make people happy. He probably prides himself on his individuality and is creative. He may be shy when receiving compliments, but they give him tremendous motivation (and ego).


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