Stray: Who is B-12?


Stray is a world full of bizarre and mysterious characters. An unnamed cat in Stray, controlled by the player, must navigate this world to escape from a rundown city flooded with neon light, which is inhabited by an eclectic group of friendly robots, as well as dangerous sentry bots and predatory creatures named Zurki. .

Lost in an unknown area with no means of communication and a sense of direction, the Tramp cat seems to be at a loss. However, during his stay in Robot City, the cat meets a friendly robot who acts as a helpful companion throughout the adventure. This robot, B-12, serves as a guide and translator of the robot language for the cat, and together they can move around the city and reveal its secrets.

B-12, Friendly Drone

Although not much information has been given about exactly who the Stray cat is or how important he is, it seems that he maneuvers and behaves like a normal cat. This means that he can run, jump and crawl around this city and its inhabitants, but hardly uses certain objects or machines and cannot communicate, except for the occasional meow.

In the initial parts of the game, the cat alone makes its way through the city and interacts with everything that is around to communicate with humanoid robots and navigate through the urban environment to advance through the mysterious world. Eventually, the Tramp’s cat discovers a different type of robot, friendlier than the others, and joins the cat on his journey through the city. This bot’s name is B-12, and it looks like he wants and can help the cat in any way possible.

B-12 is a small droid that can interact not only with a cat, but also with robots, objects and mechanical systems scattered throughout this dystopian world. Annapurna Interactive has shared gameplay trailers demonstrating the B-12’s abilities to interact with various objects in the world and talk to friendly robots to try to learn more about the mysterious city and its inhabitants.

Explore and fight in the city of Vagabonds

The main goal of the cat and B-12 is to escape from the city, as well as explore its streets and alleys. In their mission, they can communicate with many unique robots. B-12 not only allows you to communicate with robots, but also provides a cat with storage for useful items that are given to a couple or found in the world.

It seems that Stray uses a simplified approach to gameplay that requires cooperation between the cat and B-12. The footage seems to suggest that the player will be able to freely control the cat around the city and interact with many different objects and robots, some of which require the help of B-12, who will be happy to read signs, use objects or operate mechanisms. for your furry friend.

In addition to communicating with friendly residents, B-12 and the cat discover that the city is full of dangerous creatures that threaten the duo’s lives, as well as obedient robots. The gameplay trailers showed how the cat runs and hides from predatory robots and Zurks that roam the streets of the city, and also show how the B-12 uses a purple-tinged flashlight that is able to destroy aggressive Zurks, allowing the B-12 to defend itself. his fellow robots and a newfound feline companion.

The name B-12 is probably a tribute to the game’s developer, BlueTwelve Studios, and the little robot seems to play a crucial role in the cat’s journey across the Stray. Despite the fact that the cat is the main character, the B-12 acts as a link between the cat and other robots, as well as between the cat and the player. It looks like this companion drone will help give voice and personality to the Stray world.

Stray is released on July 19 on PC, PS4 and PS5.