Stray Sequel can draw inspiration from Unravel Two


Despite the fact that several months have passed since the official release, Stray continues to hold a special place in the hearts of fans. Many already agree that “The Tramp” deserves a sequel, although no one is sure what form this sequel will take. The game has potential with its unique gameplay and artwork, but it’s clear that the developer of BlueTwelve Studio will have to do everything possible for future games. As many speculate that the hypothetical Stray 2 could improve on its predecessor, BlueTwelve Studio should take a look at Unravel Two for inspiration.

Unravel had the same start as the debut game from Coldwood Interactive, and when she started developing her next game, she faced the same problems in how best to improve the sequel. Scaling up and switching to a cooperative mode made Unravel Two its own game that stood out from its predecessor, and Stray could easily have done something similar for a potential Stray 2.

Unravel Two and Co-op games

In recent years, cooperative games have become increasingly popular due to the possibilities of both local and online co-op, as well as cross-platform functionality. These games, probably caused by a pandemic that keeps people stuck at home, are a means for players to communicate with others, aided by games that require two players. Games like It Takes Two and A Way Out have been successful due to the fact that their gameplay was based on playing together.

After Unravel, with the transition of Unravel Two to a collaborative gameplay, there were radical changes, but it seems that they worked in favor of Coldwood Interactive. The reason for the success of Unravel Two, despite this radical shift, may be due to the continued prestige of Unravel. Players already familiar with Unravel were more likely to take the risk of playing Unravel Two, despite the fact that it was now a co-op, and the foresight of Coldwood Interactive aimed at making the game compatible with a cross-platform game, calming the fears of players and strengthening it online. functionality. Stray should follow suit by releasing a second game, taking advantage of the prestige it has by creating a cross-platform collaborative experience.

Why Stray 2 Should be a collaborative game

At the end of Stray, when the players found out the truth about who the B-12 was and where all the people had gone, some of its original plot threads remained hanging. For example, the main motivation of the game was for the cat to return to her family after falling into the city, but by the end of the game such a reunion did not happen. This left the door wide open for future titles to pick up where the Tramp left off, with a potential sequel following the cat’s attempts to reunite with his family, learning more about the world of the Tramp along the way.

One possible way to expand the Tramp’s game design based on its ending would be to combine a cat with another homeless person. While it could be any random deviation to open up some kind of relationship building in the sequel’s story, it would be a great connection to the narrative of the first game if it was a familiar face. From there, two members of the feline family could explore the Tramp’s outside world on their way home. This can easily be based on the level design and puzzles of Wandering, exploring distractions as part of stealth or time-sensitive puzzles that require two players to solve.

Stray is now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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