Stray Modder will add your cat to the game


Stray modder accepts requests from cat owners to add their pets to the popular sci-fi game. Stray was a long-awaited game, and until its release a week ago, it was the most popular game on Steam. Since its launch, Stray has enjoyed huge popularity among fans, and it is currently the most popular game on Steam with 98% approval from more than 40,000 reviews from verified owners of the cat helmet game.

A lot of praise for Stray stems from her story, and cat lovers applaud the accurate animation of cats in the title and how the protagonist interacts with the detailed, robot-populated world of cyberpunk Walled City 99. However, many cat owners who, while playing the game, they found that they would like to customize the titular cat so that it reflects their own, which was a feature that was discussed by the development team, but was ultimately rejected due to production constraints and narrative rationale, and the team wanted to tell the story of this particular cat – the one that was based on the cat of the co–founders of BlueTwelve Murtaugh – whom they wanted to make recognizable and unique in the game.

Fortunately, as Eurogamer reports, a Nexus Mods user under the name NorskPL takes a commission to customize the Stray cat according to the unique appearance of the players’ pets or other fun designs that the players can come up with. Commissions are paid according to the “name your price” principle, but depend on the complexity, and those who are not engaged in modding themselves quickly accepted NorskPL’s offer.

Stray modders are working hard

Since the launch of Stray, modders have been working hard on the cat-led game and have added additional skin modification options, such as Garfield loving lasagna, as well as additional modes of co-op play in Stray. Currently, there is a cooperative mode for a local split-screen game to allow friends or families with multiple cats to play together in the same room, but modders are working on creating an online co—op game feature that, combined with a customizable fashion for changing the appearance of cats, can allow players – and their cats, who seem to I also like Stray — to interact with other people around the world.

Although these mods already extend the capabilities of Stray players beyond the short campaign mode, they are only available for PC. PlayStation owners, where the Tramp is included in the Extra and Premium PlayStation Plus levels, will have to be content with playing as a cute red tabby cat by default instead.


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