Stray Mod turns the cat into Garfield


The adorable Stray cat game has attracted a lot of attention with its unique premise in which the cat is the main game hero of the game. It is not surprising that the game has attracted the attention of modders: many mods are already available for Stray, despite the fact that at the moment it is only a week old. One of the latest Stray mods combines the game with one of the most famous fictional cats of all time: Garfield.

Garfield, the star of the comic book of the same name, is undoubtedly one of the most famous cats of fiction, if not the most recognizable fictional cat in history. Garfield has been pop culture for decades, and now he’s become a Stray star thanks to a new mod created by Chris Rubino and uploaded to Nexus Mods. The mod replaces the playable Tramp cat with a Garfield-like cat, so comic book fans may want to check it out if they have a PC version of the game.

Those who have a PC version of Stray can download all kinds of mods for the game, with many of them focused on replacing the player cat with another model. This Garfield mod makes a lot of sense, although another mod bizarrely replaces the cat with CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, distorting his body to match the cat’s size in the process.

Although many Stray mods have focused on turning the cat into different characters, other mods have been released for the game. One interesting mod modifies the “meow” button, replacing it with a reference to Heavy Rain from Quantic Dream. When installing this particular mod, a Stray Cat will scream “JASON!” whenever players press a button, rather than meow.

Since Stray has high ratings in reviews and positive reviews, it is likely that modders will be inspired to create even more mods for the game in the near future. Modifications are a great way to add value to the game, but some fans may crave more official Stray content instead.

Stray was mostly well received by fans and critics, although some were disappointed with its short duration. Stray can be completed completely in less than 10 hours, so some fans of the game may hope to see a DLC expansion that will give them more stories to experience in a futuristic world. It hasn’t been officially announced, but hopefully interesting mods like this will keep Stray fans busy in the meantime.

Stray has already been released on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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