Stray mod adds Spyro Dragon to the game


Stray is an adventure game in which players must take on the appearance of an unusual protagonist: a cat. The title focuses on exploration, interaction with the environment and a simple but deep story. In the short time that Stray has fallen into the hands of gamers, several mods have been released that allow players to change some aspects of the gameplay. In such a mod, a newly released add-on, fans can play through a Tramp in the form of a Spiro dragon.

The Spyro the Dragon series is a favorite collection of video games featuring the legendary dragon Spyro. The platform franchise has been winning the hearts of fans for many years, and therefore it is not surprising that several enterprising members of the Spyro the Dragon community have created a mod that puts Spyro in Stray.

The mod adding Spyro to Stray seems relatively simple. There is not much information in the title about the abilities that Spyro possesses, however, if the mod matches the rest of the game, it is likely that Spyro will not be able to do anything other than interact with the environment. in several basic ways. However, the mod allows the Spyro Stray version to make small sounds and movements that appear in some Spyro games.

Adding Spyro to Stray is hardly the first of its kind. One of the first mods for a Tramp turned a cat into a Garfield. But the Spyro the Dragon mod seems to be one of the most ambitious, turning the main character of the Tramp not only into another animal, but also into a completely new creature. Of course, the Spyro mod does not change the outcome of the Stray campaign and does not change the setting. Its only purpose is to give fans smiles.

Let’s hope that Stray fans can look forward to more interesting mods in the future. And, fortunately, the fans will have another game. Publisher Stray has announced a new game that will surely appeal to those who are currently enjoying this one-of-a-kind adventure game. Indeed, although Stray is a simple name with a simple purpose, it has already spawned a fun community in a short period of time. Although the future of the game is unclear, it is interesting to see that a small story about a cat could cause such intrigue among gamers.

Stray is now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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