Stray Kids: Why is #LoveSTAY so special to Hyunjin?


All the members of STRAY KIDS are very happy to have a great fandom that always shows them all their love and admiration, through songs like #LoveSTAY they show more of their love for the fans and this track is very special for Hyunjin.

Since the debut of STRAY KIDS, thousands of fans joined their fandom to show all their love, support and admiration for the K-Pop group, over time this great fanbase has grown and around the world we can find to the most passionate fans of the boy band.

STAY is one of the biggest fandoms in the world, thanks to the effort of this amazing fan club, SKZ has achieved great goals and achievements, the support of this fanbase is remarkable for their favorite idol group and their relationship is very close. .

STAY’s love is well received and also reciprocated, with different songs inspired by its fans, STRAY KIDS has captured all the love it has for its fandom that has been there even in the most difficult moments for idols.

‘#LoveSTAY’ is one of the most important songs for SKZ and STAY, but it also has a special meaning for Hyunjin, learn more about this idol’s history by composing him for fans.


After reading STAY’s letters, a melody reached Hyunjin’s heart and mind, thus he began to make the basis of ‘#LoveSTAY’ on piano, the idol was inspired by his fans to be able to start with this STRAY KIDS song especially for his fandom.

‘#LoveSTAY’ was complete as the other SKZ members sang and it came out as a true melody from their hearts to the fans of the K-Pop group.

Hyunjin even created the special hashtag for his fans #LoveSTAY became a great proof of the love that the boy band has for their fans and vice versa.


The lyrics for #LoveSTAY were written by Hyunjin, Felix, and I.N, composed by Hyunjin and arranged by Bang Chan, it was definitely a special combination of all the talents of STRAY KIDS for such a beautiful and special song.

STAY loves this important song, it definitely embodies the most beautiful thing about the relationship between the fandom and the idols of STRAY KIDS.

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