Stray Kids: What Time Does The Thunderous MV Premiere In Your Country?


Know the schedules to be able to listen to the new song of STRAY KIDS as soon as it is released. ‘NOEASY’ premieres in a matter of hours and STAY must be more than ready for STRAY KIDS ‘big comeback, what time will Thunderous premiere in your country?

We are hours away from the premiere of ‘NOEASY’, the wait is getting shorter and shorter to finally hear everything that STRAY KIDS has prepared for the world, the new music of this K-Pop group promises to be excellent, and STAY is quite excited, many others to the expansive.

SKZ has raised all the hype with their various teasers since the announcement of their comeback and each time they let us see a little more of everything they had prepared to return to dominate the stages and destroy them with the dancing and singing of the talented idols with those that the band has.

August 23rd is ‘NOEASY’ day, but do you know exactly what time all the STRAY KIDS songs will be released to the world? There is very little left for the new band and you must have everything ready.


Finally! Tomorrow SKZ will be back on stage with all the power of their new music, their album ‘NOEASY’ is ready to be released, as well as the official MV for ‘Thunderous’, so get ready to get up early. These are the times of the comeback of STRAY KIDS:

August 23rd

  • 3 AM: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras, US
  • 4 AM: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama, Canada
  • 5 AM: Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, and Paraguay
  • 6 AM: Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay
  • 11 AM: Spain


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What a thrill! Everyone will not stop supporting their favorite idols and they will experience the return of STRAY KIDS with great excitement and euphoria.

But while we wait a few more hours, check out what Bang Chan had to say about preparing to be confident on stage.


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