STRAY KIDS Wear The Most Creative Costumes During Halloween


STRAY KIDS Halloween costumes are so creative and fun, STAY will want to recreate them

STRAY KIDS celebrated Halloween in the best way and showed the most creative and fun outfits on this great day, how did the idols dress up?

The members of STRAY KIDS are characterized by being very passionate and dedicated to their work, the music and the stages are the natural environment of these artists who give their all for their fans and the world; But having a great love for their songs and performances doesn’t mean that idols are serious all the time.

SKZ is characterized by having very fun and energetic members, the personalities of its singers, rappers and dancers have managed to enchant the hearts of STAY that always laugh and light up their life thanks to the occurrences of their favorite idols.

The young members of this boy band do not spend Halloween without having fun or dressing up in whatever comes to mind and in past years, their fans have already seen the artists with various character looks and others that have enchanted all their fandom.

This year, STRAY KIDS chose the best costumes for Halloween and they show us their most creative and fun side in this celebration that everyone loves; What did the SKZ members dress up as?



It seems that the leader of STRAY KIDS loved Squid Game because the idol chose to be one of the participants in the competition of this popular drama, even Bang Chan could have advanced a lot in the game because he is seen in a slightly beaten state.

His number was 325, hopefully Bang Chan win in ‘The Squid Game’.

Lee Know

Apparently SKZ idols are very fans of K-Dramas, Lee Know disguised himself as Jang Manwool, a character we saw in ‘Hotel del Luna’.

Could it be that Minho is perfect to become a drama actor?


Changbin let us see that he is a big fan of Disney with his costume because he had an outift of Peter Pan, a classic character in the franchise.

He didn’t remember Peter Pan being so strong.


‘Hotel Del Luna’, a great trending topic for STRAY KIDS because we could see Hyunjin dressed as Go Cheongmyung, a character from the drama, for this Halloween.

So we got to see Hyunjin this Halloween.


Han also decided to dress up as a character from ‘Hotel del Luna’ and it was Go Chanseong, the idol looked great in this creative costume for Halloween.

STAY was delighted with this great Han costume.


Felix must also love Disney, because her costume was Elsa, a character we saw in Frozen, with her beautiful dress and braided blonde hair, Lee Felix looked amazing on Halloween.

Felix was the best princess for this Halloween <3 We loved it.


Seungmin went back to his childhood and dressed as Pororo, a character that perhaps many did not remember but the idol brought him to us this Halloween.


The STRAY KIDS maknae shows us that he loves Batman and dressed up as the classic comic book villain, I.N was the Joker for this Halloween.

This is how we saw Jeongin this Halloween, the youngest of SKZ looked like a much loved villain.