Stray Kids we are 8: Felix sends a special message to Stay


Stray Kids’ Felix sent a special message to all his fans, the JYP rapper also gave them incredible selfies, some STAY think the idol made reference to Woojin’s controversy.

Great commotion caused the revelation of an anonymous user on Twitter who shared that he allegedly suffered from harassment by an idol who used to be part of one of the most important K-pop companies known to the public as ‘Big 3’, the name of the celebrity began with ‘W’.

Although this person did not affirm any name, many users of social networks drew their own conclusions by blaming Woojin, a former member of Stray Kids, the singer defended himself against the accusations that pointed to him as a stalker and his company also communicated that his client did not it had nothing to do with the rumors that were circulating.

A few hours ago, Felix from the K-pop boy group Stray Kids, through Instagram published a set of 5 photographs for all the followers who love his music and are fans of the musical career of the group of the company JYP Entertainment.

In the different images, idol wears a comfortable look with black and white garments, his hair in gray tones and to give a special touch to his eyes, he wears intense makeup on the part of the eyes. All of Felix’s posts have something special and this publication was not like any other, because the rapper left a very special message for STAY, in the description you can read:

#stay #believe #IN #straykids # 8

STAY believes in Stray Kids 8.

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The idol used various hashtags to communicate with the entire community that has shown support for him and his colleagues. Felix’s publication has more than 700 thousand likes and thousands of supportive comments.

With this message Felix asks the followers to continue believing in the 8 members of Stray Kids, these words shocked his fans, but Felix came to brighten his day with his publication.

Some fans believe that Felix’s message is a hint and refers to Woojin’s controversy and even thinks that they are code words for the group’s followers to realize that the boys are focused on their activities, on their next comeback.

Netizens believe that “Felix knows things” and also described him as “brave.” STAY endorsed its affection and admiration for the interpreters of ‘Another Day’ awaiting the release of their first repackage album.

If you want to know all the rumors involving Kim Woojin, we invite you to visit: Woojin, former member of Stray Kids, is accused of sexual harassment.


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