Stray Kids transform into warriors for Back Door


Stray Kids transform into legendary warriors in the new teaser concept for “IN”. The JYP boygroup is ready to unleash theories and introduce the new side of K-pop idols, the Stray Kids repackage release is set to premiere in a week. The countdown continues, and inspired by an anime and action concept, the boys are ready to face any threat in “IN.”


Through JYP’s official networks, Stray Kids revealed the concept trailer for “IN”, their upcoming album. The new advance is titled “Back Door” and is accompanied by a melody in the pure ninja style, the video lasts almost 1 minute and a half; In addition, it already has more than 300 thousand reproductions just a few hours after being released.

The teaser is inspired by the concept of Power Rangers, at the beginning Stray Kids is standing in front of a mysterious door that seems to be surrounded by evil energy, with a BangChan wink, the group performs a superhero-style formation and one for one shows up, wearing traditional Korean clothing and hinting at their powers.


Felix is ​​a great archer, Hyunjin demonstrates his skill with the sword, while I.N. He could hypnotize people or use sound waves as power through his flute. Lee Know appears to be a werewolf, as howls are heard in the background. Han has great eagle eyesight, finally, Changbin shows his skill with a staff.

The boys have to match the fragments of a gold medallion engraved with the word “IN” so they can open the door and face whatever is on the other side, but they are ready for battle. On social media, Stay shared her euphoria for Stray Kids’ comeback on September 14.

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The theories will not wait, because the universe of the K-pop group is full of stories that connect with each other, there are also trips to other realities and “Back Door” will not be the exception. The lead single has yet to be revealed, the group has also shared previews of various songs from the album and will hold an online stage when they make their comeback.

If you want to know more about the boys of Stray Kids, we leave you a list with their most inspiring phrases, the music of the K-pop group has strong messages.


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