Stray Kids shares the secret of their strong friendship


Stray Kids share the secret behind their bonding and teamwork, idols wish they could spend a lot of time together, beyond a K-pop group, and continue to grow as artists.

The boys of JYP Entertainment closed their 2020 with a flourish, with hits like “Back Door” and “God’s Menu”, their online concert and being on the list of the best songs of 2020 by TIME magazine, they have shown that little by little little gain traction within the industry thanks to their urban style, rap, and energetic choreography.

Through Elle Korea, Stray Kids was featured in the new issue of the magazine and they shared a very personal interview. Bangchan, Felix, Han, and Hyunjin fell in love with Stay with a vintage photoshoot, and they also talked about their group perspective and their wishes for the future alongside their fellow members.

With retro outfits and a masculine look, the 4 members posed in front of the camera and showed off their best profiles. Despite having only been in the industry for a few years, they have won over several fans and consider that their active time could be very long, as they have evolved a lot in their individual skills, compositions and performances.


During the interview they conducted for the magazine, Han shared the dynamics in the group’s relationship, the idol assured that the teamwork is due to their close friendship, they all know each other from a young age, in addition, we must remember that Bangchan chose them to be part of Stray Kids, so the trust was there from the get-go.

The rapper explained that they are very close and treat each other like brothers, so they hope to spend a lot of time together, beyond their idol activities, he wants to be with the boys in a personal way. Han explained that they often repeat their desire to stay together regardless of the future, as they will always feel part of Stray Kids.

Friendship between idols has been shown on various occasions, Bangchan joked about Felix, who considers it one of his best gifts for Christmas from him. Han also expressed his desire that Stay follow them for many years, as he believes that as they continue to grow artistically, they will have a reason to admire and support them.


Hyunjin recently surprised her fans with her song “Little Star” as part of the SKZ Player project.


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