Stray Kids Reveals What They Lack In The Era Of NOEASY


STRAY KIDS idols feel a bit empty promoting ‘NOEASY’ because they don’t feel whole. STRAY KIDS is dominating the stage and there is no one to stop the idols, they have all done an exceptional job with their comeback, but there is something that they all lack and really need during promotions.

Each of the STRAY KIDS idols have been trying very hard during the ‘NOEASY’ promotions , their latest production is being a success thanks to all their dedication to music and stage; but it is also thanks to their fanbase that has been supporting them non-stop.

All wins that have accumulated ‘Thunderous’ , becoming Million Sellers and break their own records on YouTube, is the result of the work team that makes SKZ your fandom , there is no doubt that the group made new fans from previous comeback and that both the new fans and those who have been supporting them for a long time are very dedicated and show all their love for the band.

So it’s no surprise that STRAY KIDS reciprocates all the love shown by each fan , the idols feel super grateful for all that they have achieved together.


To share some time with their fans and thank them as well, STRAY KIDS decided to do a live broadcast through VLive , the idols chatted a lot with their fandom, answering questions, telling anecdotes and thanking them for all the good that has happened in the week, they even gave some spoilers .

At some point someone asked the idols about what they liked the least during the ‘NOEASY’ promotions , the members answered that it was STAY was not present, what they need the most is their fandom; although it is always in their heart, they were not physically during promotions.

Let’s thank STAY for creating incredible memories for us these past three weeks. All this was possible thanks to you

  • Bang Chan making STAY bigger

We hope that SKZ will be able to see their fans in person very soon so that they no longer feel incomplete and can spend more time with STAY.