Stray Kids reveals trailer for IN, their upcoming comeback


Stray Kids is ready for their next comeback and has already revealed the trailer for “IN”, their new album. The JYP boy group is ready to release the repackage of “GO”, their previous album with which they promoted the singles of “Easy” and “Gods Menu”. After a long wait, Stay will be able to enjoy the boys’ new K-pop adventure this coming September. The countdown has already started.


Through their social networks, Stray Kids shared the first preview of “IN”, their repackage album. JYP idols are ready for a new social revolution similar to “Miroh”. The trailer, which lasts almost a minute and a half, was enough to get Stay into euphoria, as some of the members showed off their new look changes.

The teaser for “IN” already registers almost half a million views within hours of being released. Stray Kids will make their comeback on September 19, and the preview reflects the strength and rebellion they will show in the MV. In the first few seconds Hyunjin appears in front of 2 security guards, but what caught the eye was his pale pink hair.

The idol continues with his long hair and dyeing it a pastel color further highlighted his features. On the other hand, Felix had an incredible transformation and looks like a character out of an anime, as he painted his hair silver, wore his mullet and placed tiny fantasy diamonds under his eyes.

I.N. He also conquered Stay with his new image, the idol decided to wear electric blue hair, while Changbin dyed gray highlights to look like a badboy, finally, Bangchan, leader of the group, made a moican with the upper part of his hair fiery red. Without a doubt, the new concept of Stray Kids is powerful and dark.

The trailer for “IN” shows them all on the outskirts of a factory, 2 guards prevent them from entering, but the idols are not intimidated and seem very determined to go through the doors, almost at the end, an army of white hooded men appears. What new theories will the group unleash?

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Regarding the title track of “IN”, it is not yet known what it will be, the first reports indicated that the new song called “EX” was not allowed in the musical shows because it breaks with the allowed standards due to the language that was used, It is believed that they could edit the lyrics to be able to present it once they start with the promotions.


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