Stray Kids reveals new teasers for their ‘On Track’ mixtape


Stray Kids reveals new teasers for their ‘On Track’ mixtape. The group is ready to release their new music.

After the quarantine carried out by some K-Pop groups , Stray Kids resumed its activities and is ready to promote its new release.

The group is preparing for the premiere of their new mixtape “On Track”. We tell you all the details.

Through their official Twitter account , Stray Kids released new teasers , one of them seems to reveal the lyrics of their new song through an interactive photo. The boys appear in the middle of a soccer field and several sentences begin to appear on the ground.

They also shared a kind of postcard, featuring a group post. Several of the boys left their response to what appears to be a confession of love for a girl. The author of the post was Bang Chan.

The group also revealed several individual photos belonging to the MV’s school concept. “On track” seems to be a love song. The mixtape will premiere this March 25 . Ready Stay?

We know these are difficult times, but we are sure that a little new music from your favorite idols will give you a little joy these days.

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