Stray Kids reveals individual teasers for their comeback IN


Stray Kids reveals the first individual teasers for their album “IN”! The JYP boygroup is ready for their new comeback, the boys will show their darker side with “IN”, the continuation of “GO”, was that they promoted with singles like “Gods Menu” and “Easy”. The presale for their new Material has already started and although there are more than 2 weeks to go before its release, Stay is fascinated with its new looks.


Through their official social networks, Stray Kids revealed the individual teasers of “IN”, each of the members showed their darker side, while posing like all badboys, in addition, they wear bright and fine clothes that were traditionally used in Korea South, but with a modern twist.

In the 8 photos, the boys appear in a light that highlights their features and makes them look menacing. K-pop group leader Bangchan appears on a black throne that appears to be made of leather, while his shiny tan hair stands out from all the darkness. Lee Know accompanies the teaser and wears a cape with gold embroidery on the back.

The following images are starring Changbin, who wears a red suit and poses ready to face what is coming in the MV, for his part, Hyunjin stole Stay’s hearts with his ninja style, his platinum hair was collected in a stocking tail that makes him look like an ancient warrior.

Han and Felix showed their best profile and contrasted with their black and red capes, as well as their gray hair and golden highlights. Finally, Seungmin and IN share clothing designs that combine gold-colored embroidery. Seungmin’s electric blue color stands out in the dark. The concept of this comeback promises to be rebellious and dark, Stay is ready for theories.

Stray Kids will release their repackage album “IN” will be released this September 14, the title track could be called “EX”, although it could have been modified because it was not accepted in music shows due to the language used. The group’s teaser images have already exceeded 50,000 rts and 100,000 likes on Twitter. Are you ready?

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