Stray Kids reveals their ideal type of girl


Stray Kids idols hope their future partner will have one of these characteristics. Look at the ideal type of the 8 members of Stray Kids .

Since their debut in the world of K-pop , the members of Stray Kids have attracted the attention of the public for their talent, concept and musical style, the idols of JYP Entertainment are one of the most popular boy bands.

With each of their songs and music videos, Stray Kids idols show their artistic abilities such as songwriting, dancing, rapping, singing, and stage presence, STAY is always supporting and appreciating them for their incredible personalities.

This time we bring you the ideal type of rappers and singers: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, IN and what characteristics the girl of your dreams should have.

Get to know all of the JYP Entertainment idols better and find out what kind of girl Stray Kids is looking for. Tell us! Who is your favorite bias of the 8 members of Stray Kids ?

Bang chan

The ideal type of Bang Chan from Stray Kids is a girl who has a motherly character, very affectionate with him all the time, in addition to cooking rich and being respectful towards his companions.


The ideal type of Felix from Stray Kids is a girl who mixes a bit of shyness and who is outgoing, with a lot of charisma, beauty and who has a big heart to take care of the idol.

Lee Know

The ideal type of Lee Know from Stray Kids should be a person similar to him, with similar tastes, who likes to dance, who enjoys black humor and with long hair.


The ideal type of Seungmin from Stray Kids is a girl who takes good care of him, with an adventurous soul, who is not afraid to try new things, with a kind and a little shy character.


The ideal type of Changbin from Stray Kids should be a girl full of charms, tastes similar to that of the idol, who does not feel sorry to laugh, who takes good care of him and helps others in any situation that arises.


The ideal type of Han from Stray Kids is a charismatic girl, who is independent, hardworking, who enjoys the music that the idol composes and with good judgment.


The ideal type of IN of Stray Kids should be a person full of innocence in his heart, with a playful and very cheerful character, who passes him smiling and who supports him in all his projects.


The ideal type of Hyunjin from Stray Kids should be a charming person, very passionate about life, someone who can take care of him, show him all his love, who is not afraid to express his ideas and feelings, but with a touch of shyness.


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