Stray Kids reveals Any, the first preview of their album IN


Stray Kids premieres the MV for “Any”, the first preview of their repackage album “IN”. The JYP boygroup is ready for their new comeback this September 14, after the success of “GO”, the K-pop idols will release a new version of their album, where they will show a much more rebellious side and unleash new theories between Stay, The first preview was already revealed with a youthful concept and a rap that you will not stop singing.

Through their social networks, Stray Kids published the MV of “Any”, a pre-release of “IN” that lasts almost a minute and a half, but it was long enough for Stay to fall in love with the concept that the boys managed and demonstrate because they are the ones who dominate the art of beat and rap.

The video already has more than 200 thousand views on YouTube in a short time after being released. The K-pop group recreated an atmosphere of underground car racing, as they appear in what appears to be a workshop or a secret base for their organization, they also opted for urban outfits, tattoos and a look that highlights their badboy image.

In the MV for “Any” a car appears in the middle of the night, the following scenes are of the boys rapping in what looks like a boardroom, the beats and what appears to be the use of autotune give a great boost to the melody and you won’t stop repeating it once you hear it. Apparently, the group has some kind of mission, because in the trunk of one of the cars they recover a box.

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Little by little theories begin to unleash, because once they recover said object, a light comes out of it and illuminates them. What is it about? The following scenes show Stray Kids running or fleeing from something while holding smoke flares, some of the members appearing behind the wheel as the roars of a car engine appear in the background.


Bangchan was one of those who stole Stay’s sighs, as she decided to get some tattoos to give her character more realism. On social media, the fandom shared their favorite scenes from “Any,” Their comeback is scheduled to take place in 2 weeks. Are you ready?


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