Stray Kids releases the energetic video of Easy, their new song


Stray Kids releases the MV for ‘Easy’, a song that belongs to their album ‘GO’. In the music video for ‘ Easy ‘, the guys at Stray Kids showed off a unique and powerful style.

The male group of JYP Entertainment returned to the stage with the album ‘ GO ‘, the promotional song for the album was ‘ God’s Menu ‘, the official video published on June 17, currently has 52 million views on YouTube .

As part of their comeback project , today the Stray Kids guys released the music video ‘Easy’, a song that belongs to their first full-length record material.

Through the YouTube platform , on the JYP Entertainment channel , Stray Kids shared the energetic MV of ‘ Easy ‘, the clip lasting more than 3 minutes shows the choreographic and creative work of the K-pop group.

Some of the scenarios used to record the ‘ God´s Menu ‘ MV were also the location to create the clip for ‘ Easy ‘, there is a possibility that this new MV has some clues to the theories that surround the group.

The looks for the video for ‘ Easy ‘ are varied, the singers and rappers appear in school uniforms, at times they also changed outfits, showing a more urban and comfortable style.

Stray Kids ‘ ‘ Easy ‘ lyrics speak of the freedom to choose who you are, always guiding you from your sixth sense and intuition to make decisions, no matter the circumstances or people’s comments.

On social networks, Internet users sent messages to the group wishing them all success in the presentations of the album ‘ GO ‘. STAY celebrated the launch of the new video of Stray Kids with hashtags #Easy and #EasyMV.

Look at the new MV of Stray Kids ‘ Easy ‘:

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