Stray Kids releases a special video for Voices


Stray Kids releases a special video for Voices. This MV shows us a new performance of the song.

The boy group from JYP Entertainment showed their charms again during a special video for ‘Voices’ , a song we met with their mini album I am WHO in 2018. The boys released this presentation as a gift for their followers who have remained in quarantine for a few weeks.

Stray Kids surprised STAYs around the world by posting a video clip that had not been announced, it is a video performance of a song that since its release has earned the appreciation of fans and, apparently, also it occupies a special place in the hearts of the members of the group.

Thinking that their fans may probably be feeling bored after being home for a long time, the guys from Stray Kids decided to share this clip where they show the coordination of the choreography that accompanies ‘Voices’.

While the boys wear completely black outfits, we see them move from one side to the other inside a white room that, together with the lighting, creates a very attractive contrast, which has enchanted the followers of the group.

The STAYS have enjoyed this presentation, which he has given them a moment of entertainment and joy thanks to their favorite idols, proving once again that music is one of the elements that helps us keep their spirits up in difficult situations.


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