Stray Kids recommends videos to forget boredom


The members of Stray Kids recommend videos and webtoons that will keep you entertained and with lots of fun.

The boys of Stray Kids are fans of making recommendations to their followers, on several occasions they have shared the music they listen to so that others know their playlist, but this time they revealed how they spend their time on YouTube and the webtoons they like to read.

Would you like to spend a fun afternoon doing the same activities as your favorite idol? Stray Kids had an interview with Singles magazine and they were able to share some of the hobbies that their fans will be able to try for themselves.

IN’s hobby is surely put into practice by all STAYs, since this idol said that he is a fan of watching videos of K-Pop groups, some of his favorites are the Stage Mix, which brings together several live performances in one same clip and create an eye-pleasing effect. Do you also like these videos?

For his part, the Stray Kids leader said that he usually watches Hip Hop videos, however, Bang Chan has also been exercising due to his YouTube recommendations frequently showing him workout videos.

Felix is ​​a fan of food channels on the same video platform, this idol of Australian origin likes to see recipes and then apply them for new creations. In addition to this hobby, Felix recommended reading the Tower of God webtoon, it is a story that he read some time ago but that he enjoyed very much.

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If you are looking for an exciting series to watch, Lee Know recommends Fake Man, a story that is available on YouTube and that he has been hooked on. This idol also recommended a webtoon called 1 Second, as it is one of the narratives he has read the most recently.

Han also has a webtoon to suggest to his followers, it’s about Sound Of Heart. This is a story that the idol has been following for several years and recently came to an end, so he thinks that others might enjoy it as much as he did.

On the other hand, Hyun Jin’s hobby is a bit like IN’s, since this boy likes to see performances by other K-Pop artists, mainly idols who debuted before him and whom he admires, including Taemin. SHInee and Jimin from BTS.

Stray Kids will be back with more music soon, and they have already revealed individual teasers for IN, their upcoming comeback.


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