Stray Kids premieres #LoveSTAY, an emotional MV dedicated to their fandom


The surprises continue at the hands of Stray Kids, after presenting several Christmas singles, now they return with a warm and emotional MV for their fans.

The connection between an idol group and its fans is always special, they become allies that provide mutual support and affection as the music unites them, creating an incomparable bond that brings joy to both artists and fans.

Stray Kids has always let STAY know how much they appreciate her loyalty, because in each comeback the strength of their union is demonstrated, so now the idol group has prepared a year-end gift for their followers.

The JYP Entertainment boy group just released a new music video and the main message is their love for STAY, find out all the details below.


The #LoveStay clip begins with the group waving, introducing themselves, and thanking them with obeisances, however, it is just the beginning of a recount of special moments that have been experienced throughout the group’s career.

From rehearsals, presentations, photoshoots, and many fun moments make their way into the music video, while simultaneously we listen to a sweet ballad where the members of Stray Kids showed off their vocal skills.


The song recounts the beautiful connection that exists between the fandom and Stray Kids, the way they always support each other and how much they value having STAY on their side, so now they too are committed to walking by their side so that they continue. moving forward together.

The combination of lyrics and memories of Stray Kids‘ career in the MV became the emotional moment that came just in time to end the year, are you ready for many more adventures with the idol group this 2022?