Stray Kids Premieres Emotional MV For EX


Stray Kids premieres the emotional MV for “EX”, a single that portrays the fight against sadness and adversity.

The JYP group continues to promote “IN”, the repackage album for “GO” which has sold more than 200 thousand copies so far. The idols released the title single “Back Door” which they described as an invitation to enter their world, but also give Stay a message of hope with their new MV “EX”.


Through the official Stray Kids channel, the K-pop group released the official video for “EX”, their second promotional song for “IN” and with which they seek to give a strong message about depression. The video has already exceeded more than 400 thousand reproductions within a couple of hours of being released. The scenes combine moments that each of the members suffer in silence.

“EX” talks about missing someone who was not able to take care of, feeling haunted by the ghosts of the past and experiencing the sadness of things that can no longer be recovered, as well as the silence of people when they feel bad and are not capable to say it. Stay shared her messages of support and some of them identified with the video.

The MV shows Stray Kids in a house that appears to be in the middle of the forest. Each of the members is in a different room, they look low and serious, but inside they are experiencing pain. Each of the idols is represented by a ghost, as a metaphor for feeling empty or lifeless.

“EX” combines scenes of moments that should be happy, but none of them can cheer up or forget the pains they hold in their hearts, such as celebrating a birthday, watching TV, playing games, among others. The single describes in lyrics the idea of ​​keeping busy as much as possible, the MV images also show how trying to drown out everything around them.

This song is a great message about depression, as it is one of the diseases that has affected idols the most. In the end, Stray Kids seems to get over those moments thanks to friendship, as everyone runs and jumps, looking happier than before.

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