Stray Kids member Woojin accused of sexual harassment


Singer Woojin has caused a stir on social media after being accused of sexual harassment, but what happened?

In 2019 the artist Woojin announced his farewell from the South Korean K-Pop group Stray Kids, the reasons why he had left the boy band was due to personal decisions, but after his unexpected departure, he has become known in social networks a strong rumor about sexual harassment.

Through social networks they announced that a fan exhibited the famous, because according to what was mentioned in a Twitter account, they exposed various messages to denounce the artist, since everything had arisen in a bar in South Korea.

According to the aforementioned, the young woman went out with her friends to have fun, in that place she had the fortune to coincide with Woojin, a former member of the K-Pop group Stray Kids. The idol wanted to get close to the girl but she refused, which caused the celebrity’s annoyance.

Woojin is accused of sexual harassment

In that Twitter account they did not reveal the identity of the star who had harassed the young woman, but because of the comments they mentioned in that publication, Internet users speculated that it could be the artist, which is why it has become a trend on social networks.

Even users did not hesitate to mention that the former idol of the South Korean group could be the stalker, since in an image that they leaked on the internet shows a young man wearing a gray shirt, the same garment that the singer used to wear, which has caused intrigue among the singer’s fans.

After the strong rumors that have accused Woojin of sexual harassment, the idol turned to his social Twitter account, he assures that he never met that young woman, much less did what has become known on social networks. Do you think the accusations against him are true?


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