Stray Kids ‘Lee Know tests fans’ hearts


The Stray Kids member decided to share a love proof lesson with his fans and put them to the test with this message.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know decided to play a prank on his fans and put their good heart to the test, plus he gave them a great lesson about the meaning of things.

The K-pop group from JYP is in its winter break, as well as holidays for the Lunar New Year Korean, the boys must prepare for their next competition in the survival show “Road to Kingdom”, which should demonstrate why they are the better while competing against other groups.

During their free time, the boys take advantage of social networks to interact with their fans, either through live broadcasts or messages on the Lysn platform, where they write messages, post photos or send audio notes, it also becomes a space where Stay receives the bestlife lessons from Lee Know.

The group has managed to establish a great connection with the boys, who always thank them for the support they give them, because thanks to this and their great talent they have become one of the future leaders of K-pop for the fourth generation. Discover the test that Stay had to undergo to prove that they are good people.


In his most recent messages, Lee Know decided to send a voice note for his fans, which had a mysterious message that they had to decipher, the problem? There was no noise in it, not a single voice and Minho explained the answer.

The idol joked with Stay and said that only those people who are really kind to others could hear what he had said and asked that they send the answers of his challenge to see if someone could guess it, that it was not “I love you” and that he expected that their feelings have been received by all, but nobody knew how to respond.

Stay had fun with his joke, even MinhoHe said that he was not really thinking about anything serious when he sent his message, but he left an important lesson: not to take things so seriously, sometimes you do not need an answer to everything, nor words to show someone that you love him, the idol he repeats every day to his fans.

In addition to testing the personality of their fans, the boys of Stray Kids also steal their hearts , Bangchan caused Stay’s sighs with this photo shoot.


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