Stray Kids’ Jisung’s birthday, learn his story


This is the story of Stray Kids’ Han Jisung, the rapper and singer had to go through some tests to become a K-pop star, he celebrates his birthday by learning a little more about him.

Han was born on September 14, 2000 in the great city of Incheon in South Korea, his family is made up of his father, mother and older brother, who have always supported him at every stage of his life.

Jisung spent much of his childhood and adolescence outside of South Korea, the dancer lived in Malaysia and trained in bilingual schools, so Han can speak English with great ease.

Little Jisung’s biggest dream was to become a singer, but he wanted to be an idol, so he asked his parents to give him a year to enter an entertainment company and if he did not fulfill his mission in that period, he would return to Malaysia .

In 2015, the interpreter of ‘God´s Menu’ presented his addition to enter as an apprentice to the company JYP Entertainment, Han was as a trainee for 3 years, where he focused on perfecting his singing, dancing, modeling techniques, composition and rap.

Han was selected as a member of Stray Kids after participating in a reality show hosted by his company, the idol was announced as one of the members of the official lineup of the new K-pop boy group.

Little by little, the 3RACHA member has been boosting his career by putting a lot of effort into working with his band and solo, receiving all the support of STAY, who are his impulse to improve himself every day.

Jisung has shown his enormous talent and prowess on stage, but outside the spotlight he is a boy with a lot of potential for music creation and production, Han has 32 songs registered under his authorship with the Korea Music Copyright Association.

Fans of the star are celebrating his birthday with the hashtags #HappyHanDay and #HanOfAKind, thousands of Internet users have already posted their best celebration messages dedicated to Jisung.


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