Stray Kids is back with Back Door, their new MV


Stray Kids is back and shows their more energetic side with “Back Door”, lead single from “IN”. The JYP boygroup finally made their long-awaited comeback with the repackage album of “GO” and they proved once again that they are one of the most striking groups for dance and rap, in addition to creating new theories with their new MV that Stay You must try to decipher, because the Stray Kids universe has a story to tell.

Through the K-pop group’s official networks, Stray Kids revealed the MV for “Back Door”, their most recent comeback, after the release of “Gods menu”, the idols decided to make the repackage of “GO”. “IN” has been a great success, since it managed to register 300 thousand copies, surpassing its own record and on the first day of sales the boys have already sold more than 100 thousand copies.

“Back Door” has registered more than 2 million views on YouTube just a few hours after being released, Stay began trying to decipher the clues that the group left in the video, apparently the choreography is important to understand the plot from the MV, which seems to be connected to “Miroh.”

“Back Door” seems to be related to two realities, because in the scenes a lever appears that the members of Stray Kids must keep on, but a character who appeared in another video appears and tries to lower it, what are they hiding? When this happens, the boys are in the dark, in a lonely building, but if it is activated everything lights up and more people appear.

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The MV combines many dance scenes, the choreography that Stray Kids created proved once again why they are so talented, as they rap to the beat of the song the lyrics that talk about freedom, entering the back door and taking the place to have fun, challenging enemies “If you don’t like it, you can go.”

On social networks, Stay shared their theories about it and posted messages of support for the K-pop group, as they are never disappointed with promotional singles, they also rated their favorite scenes from the “Back Door” MV. In the end, the group manages to conquer the place and celebrate a kind of revolution with many people dressed in white, while a banner appears with the word “IN”.

Stray Kids made a special broadcast through VLive to celebrate the launch of “IN”, Felix explained that Back Door is an invitation for their fans to enter, as they will always welcome them.

The boys also received support from GOT7’s BamBam during their comeback, the idol was present in a chat to cheer up his fellow company members.


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