Stray Kids in Interview with Forbes magazine


Stray Kids in Interview with Forbes magazine. On July 14, 2020, journalist Jeff Benjamin published on the Forbes magazine website an interview with the Stray Kids group .

The group released their first full album GO LIVE on July 17th, reaching unprecedented sales and views on their route. In the publication, Jeff gives a short introduction about the Stray Kids and reveals that he spoke to Bang Chan, Changbin, Han, Seungmin and Felix during the album promotions.

In the interview given by the members, the importance of practice, communication and the relationship they were building with their fans was emphasized. You can read the full interview below.

Stray Kids in Interview with Forbes magazine

Congratulations on your response to Go Live. It’s your best-selling album, it’s growing on the charts. How are the promotions going?

Bang Chan: We were very excited and we are still really excited. Performing with our new songs and showing people our work is an honor. We are really happy. The fact that people are paying attention, makes us want to thank everyone. And thank you too, Jeff. (laughs).

Stray Kids – God’s Menu

Of course! I’m really happy for you, mainly because I feel that this album is the best representation of what Stray Kids are, to date. Why does this happen?

Han: With this album, everything came naturally. From the preparations to everything we did, we wanted to give everything – especially in God’s Menu. The inspiration came from different scenes that we see every day in our lives. Each song on the album came in the same way: naturally.

Bang Chan: And I personally always liked to use cooking metaphors in my music.

Right. I mean, you, Changbin and Han are 3Racha.

Bang Chan: Yes, but with this album, many things came naturally. I think it made this album a little bit more special. Before, with the series I Am and Clé, we thought about the message we wanted to convey and then we made the song. But with this album, it just came – I don’t know how – but it came from our soul.

Stray Kids – Phobia

What is everyone’s favorite song?

Felix : God’s Menu is my favorite, not only because it is a song with a culinary concept, but because we “cook” everything in a genuine way. We tried to make it sweet, sour, all kinds of flavors that we want to show. And that is what we have been doing since the beginning and this concept really corresponds to our goal in life.

Seungmin : My favorite song is the b-side Blueprint . And I know that Lee Know and IN have the same opinion.

Han: I really like Phobia because it’s a song that challenged us, it’s emotional at the same time that it shows the color of Stray Kids.

Bang Chan: I think it is difficult to choose just one favorite, because I think they are all very good. But I will tell TA that he is also Hyunjin’s favorite.

Changbin : God’s Menu because I feel like it’s our best song. When it was released, I felt a lot of energy and confidence.

Stray Kids – Blueprint

I felt your confidence in God’s Menu ! And in Pacemaker I saw references to your previous work: the lyrics about following your own pace reminded me of My Pace . Are there any purposeful links to your old songs?

Felix: From the beginning, we wanted our music to be genuine. Until today we have kept our pace to get where we are now – we just want to keep what’s true for us.

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Seugmin: We always try to be more confident through practice. To be honest, there were times when we didn’t feel confident, but after several attempts, we discovered our own color and thus gained more confidence.

The R&B side of Stray Kids is present in Another Day that was written by Han. Time pressure is the theme, just like in previous songs. But is the weather still scary for you?

Han: When I wrote Another Day , I was talking about the way we spend time when preparing our songs and how we are always under pressure. But when it comes to this album, we really feel very confident in our goals and in what the group had to show.

Stray Kids – Another Day

Haven was written by Bang Chan and talks about breaking standards to be really ourselves. As a leader, how do you inspire your group to take a less explored path?

Bang Chan: I think of the concept of Heaven as a safe place for us and our fans, Stay. Basically, a place where everyone can get together and do what they want – they can sing, dance, do what they want and not worry about anything. No matter what you believe in, when you are in this special place, everyone is important and special. It talks a lot about how we grew up (the group), but for me the reason I have the opportunity to be a leader is because the members give me a lot of strength.

I can be the leader, however I do not say to them ” do this, do that, let’s do it this way”. It’s more like “ What do you want to do? What do you think is correct? ”And as a leader, I listened to all opinions and chose what would be best for everyone. This is the most important thing about being a leader. It is because of the members that I can be a leader.

Stray Kids – Easy


The first full album seems to be something important within your company, JYP Entertainment. You had the full support of the older artists of the company like 2PM, DAY6 and TWICE. Is it special for you?

Bang Chan: It’s our first full album, we released several mini-albums, but what made me shiver and feel so good was having people like Jun.K (2PM), YoungK (Day6) and Sana ( TWICE) cheering for us. It gave me a lot of strength and a lot of confidence for the album. A complete album is really special and because we have this special opportunity, we wanted to show what Stray Kids really are.

Right now, a lot is happening in the world. Is there a message you would like to share with readers?

Bang Chan: We are aware of everything that is happening in the world and we know that our Stays are also going through a lot. We may not be very close, but luckily we have the Internet and our music. We want them to know that we are always here for them. Whenever you need, you can look for us – just like I said in Haven – and know that we never forget you. We are always here, always.

And you? Are you enjoying watching this new phase of Stray Kids?



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