Stray Kids’ I.N performed a cover of BTS that surprised everyone


Stray Kids’ I.N performed a cover of BTS that surprised everyone. IN had an amazing audition and surprised with a special performance. IN performed on a television show and danced to BTS.

Recently, Stray Kids made a comeback where they promoted their song God’s Menu, although they have concluded with this stage, the members of the idol group continue to demonstrate their skills through different platforms.

IN , the Stray Kids maknae was one of the artists who auditioned on Favorite Entertainment , a survival show that will bring together candidates for a trotting group.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Kim Shin Young, and singer Jang Yoon Jung are part of this show, so they evaluated IN’s performance.But after that, the idol was able to show a little more of his skills with a special performance.

Thus, IN performed some dance covers of popular songs including BTS’s Boy With Luv.

The idol’s performance amazed all three members of the panel, earning them all to show thumbs up at their performance .

Stray Kids recently released the music video for Hello Stranger , an OST tune for a fun web drama.

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